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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Before throwing your party

How big should my birthday party be?

From an intimate affair of less than 10 to large celebrations of 100 people, there is no limit to the number of people you can invite! Do note that it is important for the activities to be suitable for the required scale. We can advise accordingly, just give us a call for a free consultation!

What time should I start my party?

From our experience, guests are often late, sometimes up to an hour! We recommend starting the entertainment 1hr after the invite time. For example, if you invited your guests at 5pm, it is recommended to start the entertainment at 6pm. Alternatively, you can start with fringe activities, then proceed with main group activities at a later time.

Can I theme my party?

Of course you can! Theming can be done from the biggest decorations to the smallest utensils. While coordinated themes may seem attractive, in our experience it is not the best option as it would increase costs greatly.

Here’s a quick tip – instead of having a cartoon or character theme, have a colour theme! Theme your party using colour palettes, e.g. pink and purple coloured balloons and partyware for My Little Pony party and finally add a simple My Little Pony Balloon to top it off! It would be too costly to have everything ranging from Table Cloth to Plates with My Little Pony!

Some of our popular and well-received themes are The Great Gatsby and Underwater! If you are interested in knowing how much theming will cost, give us a call!

2. About our services

What are your prices? Why don’t you list them online?

We treat parties seriously. As all birthday celebrations are unique, customization is required and therefore prices change. In fact we charge by package pricing instead of ala-carte to ensure that our clients get the best possible deal!

Do you deliver products?

No, we do not deliver unless necessary. You will be glad to know that instead of delivery, we do onsite set up to ensure that the decorations are freshly made and customised accordingly to event venue. (This customisation refers to tweaks such as the height and placements of the decorations. Decorations details such as quantity and colours still has to be decided upon beforehand).

How many entertainers will be coming down?

We do not promise the number of entertainers for your party. What we do promise is an enjoyable, crazy and fun-filled party! We ensure a suitable number of entertainers to bring the party to a successful close!

Do not worry as our performers are full-time entertainers will hundreds of parties worth of experience! All of them can single-handedly manage a party of 30+ crazy kids!

3. Getting Started

How can I book your services?

Contact us through our phone, email, or contact form here, and kickstart the process of having an amazing birthday!

How early do I need to book a slot?

At least 2 weeks in advance. Our schedules are usually full.

What information do I need to share with you?

  • Date of the party
  • Time the party starts
  • Party Venue
  • Purpose of the celebration (You can also describe it in terms of our 3 approaches – For Happiness, For Relationships, or For A Cause)
  • How old the birthday star is
  • Approximate number of people attending

Can I meet you for consultation? How do I consult?

Yes! We prefer face-to-face consultations at Party Bar (our party shop). Call us to book an appointment!

When do I need to pay? Is there a deposit?

A 50% non-refundable deposit by bank transfer to ­­is required before the birthday party. Please send us a photo of the transfer as confirmation.

4. Party time!

How much set-up time is required?

For entertainment services, we will reach 15 minutes prior the show to set-up. Worry not, that is enough time!

What if I need to change my party date or time?

Unfortunately, our slots are frequently full and may not be able to cater to the change. No promises but just let us know and we will make the possible arrangements.

What do I need to provide?

Depending on the entertainment service you have booked with us, the equipment needed will vary. In general, the following are required:

  • Fringe Activities – Tables
  • Rentals – Tables & Power plug

Have a question that wasn’t addressed? Contact us here.

Transform your birthday into a truly unforgettable memory with our help.

Every celebration ought to be purposeful – with real fun, real relationships and real impact!

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