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For A Cause

Go beyond the celebration

The world is not just about us, there is something bigger. “Making a difference is better together.” A celebration is as meaningful as we make it. Some advocate to save the earth, others push for the stop of animal cruelty. Our beliefs make up who we are. What better idea than to raise awareness and support a cause you care about on your birthday!

Such celebrations are customised and would cost more. But at the end of the celebration, our clients would tell us that it’s worth it.

Gratitude, 2018

The 40-year-old birthday star invited 100 guests to his party and named it “Gratitude”. He wanted to convey his gratefulness to people whom has loved and supported him throughout the 40 years. At the same time, he raised funds for a cause that was dear to his heart.

Transform your birthday into a truly unforgettable memory with our help.

Every celebration ought to be purposeful – with real fun, real relationships and real impact!

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