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You may be thinking of doing up your own decorations and we’ve seen family members doing that. They spend much effort in travelling to purchase the decorations and reach the party venue early only to climb all over the place to put up the decorations in a rush. By the time the party starts, they are mostly sweaty and tired. Well, that’s not a good use of time and effort isn’t it? They say time is money. Save your time and effort, leave it in good artistic hands!

While others may do delivery of finished products, we believe in on-site set-up for decorations. This ensures that the decorations are freshly made and customised accordingly to event venue. (This customisation refers to tweaks such as the height and placements of the decorations. Decorations details such as quantity and colours still has to be decided upon beforehand).

Helium Balloons

Helium balloons will be delivered as is – as individual balloons. They can be left on the ceiling, or you can tie them down on railings and chairs. At the end of the party, you can choose to give the helium balloons away to guests!

The ceiling must be at a normal height of approx 3m for the balloons to be retrievable, as the ribbon length is 1.5m. Helium balloons tend to last for a approximate of 8 hours and is dependent on environment conditions.

Balloon Bouquets

A hit and must have for all parties! Have artistically arranged themed balloons placed in strategic spots in the party venue to bring up the ambience! If you’re at a dilemma of which balloon decorations to choose for your minimalist party, balloon bouquets are definitely the way to go!

Balloon bouquets can be made up of foil or latex balloons. While latex balloons last for approximately 8hrs, foil balloons can for 3 days depending on environment conditions.

Balloon Pillars

Balloon pillars come in pairs and are usually placed at the sides of the door entrance to make a statement even before the guest steps in! These are usually suitable for anniversaries or larger events.

Balloon Arches

You pictured it right! Balloon arches are most commonly used as the entrance decoration, especially for carnivals! This bright massive balloon decoration adds a splash of colour and fun to your party!

Transform your birthday into a truly unforgettable memory with our help.

Every celebration ought to be purposeful – with real fun, real relationships and real impact!

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