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Posted by Birthdays on Tuesday, 17 September 2019

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As parents, we yearn to bring up our children happy, healthy, good-natured and successful. There are many things a parent must do personally, such as teaching and instructing your child. That requires immense time and effort! Planning your child’s birthday party on the other hand, is one thing that you need not do personally. Your job is to find the right party planner for your child’s birthday party.

Kids Parties Held To-Date

Week in and week out, we plan kids parties all year round! That gives us an average of 6 kids birthday parties on a weekly basis! Sometimes up to 3 parties a day! With our extensive experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. Leave it to the professionals instead of handling it yourself and spend quality time with your child!

Mr. Magic Mambo

Our Resident Magician of Birthdays

He is known for his comedy act and a charming demeanour with children. The kids just LOVE him! Browse some of his photos and a short snippet of his interaction with the children below.

Happiness Packages

Here are some of our most popular, tried-and-tested packages! Children have so much fun that they come back again for more! Every single year!


Party Backdrop

An instantly social media-worthy background for the birthday celebration! The birthday star’s name makes it even more special.

Helium Balloons

Make your party decorations pop with these helium balloons!

Carnival games

Kids have a blast with these – archery, mini-golf, and more.

Transform your birthday into a truly unforgettable memory with our help.

Every celebration ought to be purposeful – with real fun, real relationships and real impact!

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